Can we get Cured By Orto Nil

There is a huge difference between treating and curing the patient when basically when we treat people we use medicines to make them healthy again by suppressing the symptoms while in the process of curing the patient a Health consultant or an experienced doctor finds out the reason or say root cause of symptoms and then the root cause is cured with the help of medicine this was an explanation in layman language for you to better understand the whole concept better.
No, you cannot get cured by eating Ortho Nil Powder regularly Ortho Nil Powder simply follows the ideology of treatment when you eat

Ortho Nil Powder you simply treat your pain and Ortho Nil Powder suppresses the symptom of pain thus till the time you will consume Ortho nil powder regularly you will feel healthy but after missing or not eating for a significant period of time your pain will revive thus you have two choices.

1- Consume Ortho Nil Powder and treat your Chronic disease forever.
2- Consume Ortho Nil Powder under the guidance of a Health consultant or an experienced Ayurvedic Doctor and get cured forever.

Mostly the people who are living a deprived life considers the option one and it is valid for them as the medicine is cheap as well as effective thus without paying hefty amounts to Hospitals and Doctors they are fine and many of them also get cured if they had pain as a result of convalescence or any accident impact but if you are fortunate enough to spend a little amount on your cure than Babaji Herbal promotes you to please get to a Health Consultant who could guide you and personally we appreciate the work of Vardaan Clinics not because that they have a wonderful record of cured patients but also because they don’t charge any kind of fees for Consultancy from BPL Card holders and from people connected to armed forces

Thus, Vardaan Clinic serves a huge section of society without taking any charge from them do consider them if you don’t want to pay hefty amounts of Hospital Bills and het healed without any Badiside effect because they cure patients by Alternative medicines and Ayurveda.