Ans – Yes, Ortho Nil has a fake copy in the market, a few fake producers are producing Ortho Nil Powder and supplying it to the market we are trying our best to get rid of this fake Ortho Nil Powder from the Market that’s why we advise you to only buy Ortho Nil from our own website.
Ans – Yes, the medicine will be delivered to every nook and corner in India because we use Speed Post (EMS) an initiative of Indian Post but for the timely and accurate delivery you must put in the accurate address and provide working contact numbers.
Ans – It takes approximately 5-6 working days to deliver the medication to the doorsteps of the customer.
Ans – Your income directly proportional to the amount of work and dedication you put in the business but for your consideration, we must tell you that our LEVEL-3 /4 dealers are earning between 30,000 to 1,08,000 Rupees.
Ans – No, Obviously not you will not get cured by just eating Ortho Nil Powder because you must consider the fact that every ailment or chronic disease happens by multple factors and to make you healthy again you need reverse many things thus for self healing follow ”HOYO” an initiative of Vardaan Healthcare, you can visit them on or visit the nearest Vardaan Clinic now.
Ans – Yes, to get the best result one must use the healthpack of Ortho Nil once as it boosts and promotes internal healing with better understing and helps you get closer to cure.
Ans – We only provide Ortho Nil Powder in India only at present. We are delighted to see the demand of Ortho Nil Powder from Countries like USA, UK, Pakistan, Sri Lanka but we condole that we cannot provide you Ortho nil Powder. We will soon be making dealers outside India also but at present we cannot send Ortho Nil Powder outside India for our customers but yea obviously any other person can send it on their own after purchasing from us.
Ans – Ortho Nil only deals in a few products because we believe in Quality rather than Quantity producing different products doesn’t mean the success of a company rather making the products better then yesterday makes a company successful thus we are regularly investing in betterment of all Ortho Nil products and after bringing them to perfection we will seek to diversify to more avenues of Ayurveda.