I. One pouch Ortho Nil in the morning.

II. One pouch ortho Nil before going to sleep at Night.

There is no need to get to a physician before consuming Orhto Nil Powder because it is an Ayurvedic medicine and doesn’t have any kind of bad side effects thus a person suffering from Pain may consume Orhto Nil Powder by following the below steps-

STEP NUMBER 1 – Cut the Ortho Nil powder pouch sachet by a scissor.

STEP NUMBER 2 - Pour the Powder of Orhto Nil Power into the mouth and drink Luke warm water/milk to swallow the Ayurvedic medicine Ortho Nil Powder.


• Must Consume Orhto Nil Powder before going to sleep.

• You must take a sleep of 6-7 hrs after taking Ortho Nil Powder at night.

• You must drink one Glass of milk every day if you are consuming Ortho Nil Powder daily.

• Don’t intake Ortho Nil Powder empty stomach consume Ortho Nil Powder after Breakfast and after Dinner.

Note 1 - One must consider going to an experienced health consultant or ayurvedic Doctor to get better results and full recovery from the chronic disease. We personally
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NOTE 2 - Please take all other medicines 1 hr before the consumption of OrthoNil Powder.