What is a side-effect?
A side effect is an effect of a medical drug/medicine on human body it could be positive as well as negative but commonly we think side-effects as bad, but the truth is side effects can be good as well as bad as they are the subsidiary effects of a medicine on Human Body.

Side effects of Ayurveda?
People usually think that Ayurveda doesn't have any kind of side effect so firstly let us unlearn the myth. The truth is Ayurveda also has side effects associated with it as Ayurveda is a medicinal science given to us by Maharishi Charaka, an Ayurveda Physician during BC 300 and any medicine intaken in the body for a period of time will have some kind of side effects that could be Good as well as Bad too.

Ortho Nil Powder is an Ayurvedic medicine made in India for Pain in the Human body earlier we came to know that every medicine has some kind side-effect if intaken for a period of time the effect could be good as well ass bad too thus coming to the case of Ayurvedic Ortho Nil Powder’s side effects on Human Body – Firstly Ayurvedic products rarely in .001% have side effects that are because they are made from simple natural compounds that are already available in Nature. Secondly, Ayurvedic Ortho Nil Powder doesn’t have any side effect on Human Body physiologically or Psychologically and that has been already tested

This is what makes people astonished and that’s true Ayurvedic Ortho Nil Power has 0 Bad side effects and many Good Side Effects one of which is widely popular and is that Ortho Nil Powder makes your Stomach activities at ease and thus keeping your stomach free from indigestion and constipation above all Ortho Nil Powder enhances metabolism rate thus helping people lose weight this means if you are consuming Ortho Nil Powder and you continue to do skippings and jogging than within a month you can see reduction in your weight at least of 2-5 Kg. So these were some Good side-effects associated with Ayurvedic Ortho Nil Powder.

Note – Please take all other medicines 1 hr before the consumption of OrthoNil Powder.