I run an Old Age home where I serve old people my Old age home was running perfectly until 2017, October. Nine people in my Old age home were caught by chikengunea a severe disease luckily all of them recovered back to health but the pain chickengunea fever had left in their body was not going anywhere they continued to eat pain killers till 8 months but nothing happened I was considered about the Health problem of those homeless people and the medical expense was growing bigeer and bigger then I was provided Ortho Nil Powder by my Brother in Law and I gave the same Ayurvedic Ortho Nil to the Old people suffering from full body pain after chikengunea fever and amazingly this cost effective Ayurvedic medicine was able to stop their body pain and after consuming regularly Ortho Nil Powder for 3 months all 9 patients in my Old Age home were back to normal health . Seriously I appreciate the product of Babaji Herbal and their vision to provide Cure to diseases at a reasonable price.


I am basically a NRI living in USA when on Christmas Holidays I came back to the my hometown Vadodara, Gujrat I met my old friend after a long time after meeting Mahesh I noticed that he was not able to walk properly I inquired about his health and came to know that he was suffering from Osteoporosis and has severe pain in his leg his health state left me in dilemma what could I do for my best friend ? later in the evening when it was using Facebook one of my friend on my friend list shared a Product named as Ortho Nil Powder and under the post she captioned “a lovely thanks to Babaji Herbal for making my Mothers life free from pain”. I grew inquisitive and purchased Ortho Nil Powder from Babaji Herbal.com and gave the medicine to my old friend astonishingly he started jogging after a month of consuming Ortho Nil Powder regularly I was totally amazed by the results of this miraculous medicine I heartily congratulate Babaji Herbal for making a successful product for pain in India at such a effective cost.


My father was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis he used to intake 8 tablets daily before every meal for his Chronic Disease we had almost spent 5 Lakh rupees on his treatment and the worst part was he didn’t have a Health Insurance doctors were now telling us to replace his both knees as the last possible option left on this earth to cure my father we were already in huge debt and this operation would make our financial conditions even worse I told my grievance to my friend and he mocked on me and said you don’t know about “Ortho Nil Powder” I was totally confused he said comeover my place I will give you an Ayurvedic Medecine and your fathers health condition would improve I followed him and took 20 pouches from him and provided the same to my father. He consumed them and within a week his pain in Joints was reduced to about 50% our whole family was puzzled how can this 10Rs Ayurvedic Medicine cure my father who was denied any further treatment by doctors. My father left all his prescribed medicines and only consumed Ortho Nil Powder with massage oil and he is perfectly fine taking morning walks with his friends at 5:00 AM every day.


I am Vikas a musician and teacher of classical vocal singing in St.Andrews School I have been suffering from pain in my left leg and shoulder blade since the age of 19 when I had a severe accident with a speeding car since then I had taken consultation with Delhi's best doctors but they were not able to get solution for this pain which seemed will last till my death bed I was really hopeless and disappointed as this pain was a constant source of problem in my daily life I was not able to lift heavy object my hand would not go beyond my head and much more. One day I came to know that there is a free camp of Joint pain in local I went there and luckily I found a miracle that changed my life forever in the camp the team provided me medicine for 3 days(Ortho Nil Powder) @30Rs after consuming the Ayurvedic medicine only for two days I was able to see the extraordinary results. My pain was 80% gone in two days the pain which I was not able to get rid of since 11 years and has spent more than 2 lakh rupees on medicines and Doctors fees was cured within two days at the initial cost of just Rs 30 this made me wonderstruck I continuously consumed Ortho Nil powder for 9 months and never felt the pain ever. Thanks to this wonderful product manufactured my Babaji Herbal.


I am a simple person who didn’t had the privilege to get the education I spend my life’s 30 years selling Fruit Juice on Bus stand. My life gave me the biggest shock when my simple back pain grew and grew more powerful and I was not even able to even walk properly the condition worsened within 4 months now my whole spine felt like frozen and I was not able to open my Juice shop I even had no money to even consult a doctor the only thought I used to have was to end my life by jumping off the water tank in my locality because I was not able to earn my livelihood. I was haunted that I will not die by this back pain but definitely die because of starvation. I had made up my mind to commit suicide as it will make me free from this pain forever. In the month of April my cousin visited me and told me about a Ayurvedic medicine(Ortho Nil Powder) I told him to buy me some as I had no money he bought me one month medicine and I was relieved totally within one month my Back pain was vanished and I continued my Juice shop thanks Bababji Herbal for saving my life.